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Developing a Coaching Culture

Developing a coaching culture is all about achieving one of the HSE’s key competencies for managing stress (the SUPPORT competency) but on a 360-degree basis from managers and colleagues alike.
Counselling is often seen as a very negative process, only undertaken when “something is wrong with you” and indeed, as seen below, has many disadvantages.  Coaching on the other hand is much more results focussed and offers ongoing practical and emotional support to employees.
A Coaching Culture starts at board level; it is our experience that the greatest influence on the behaviour of an organisation is the behaviour of its senior executives.  We use our ADT profiling system to identify the level of winning behaviours of individuals and the executive team as a whole and train them in developing a coaching performance culture.
ADT Profile And Coaching
Traditional Counselling
Generates practical solutions
Not solution focused
Reduces chances of absence
May increase chance of absence
Reduces time off absent
May increase time absent
Appropriate for workplace stress
Often inappropriate, may make matters worse
Number of Coaching Sessions
Number of Counselling Sessions
Absence prevention
Rehab from absence
Your guess is as good as ours!


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Updated Date : 2005-02-07

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